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Why Leadership? What’s the big deal?

The biggest missing factor in the organisation of

human society across the planet is leadership:
Your Leadership.

Your Move Tour (March & April 2020) will provide a taste of the ontological and phenomenological method of leadership used in Conversations in Leadership. For old hands at leadership, you will find a further opening up of leadership. For newcomers or those unsure they could be leaders, you will find assurance of your leadership.   

Conversations in Leadership is based on the ontological and phenomenological methodology developed by the Erhard-Jensen Foundation. Ontological is about the nature of being. Phenomenological is about your lived experience. Conversations in Leadership is, therefore, a method for bringing you to being a leader and that leadership will be your lived experience. This method treats leadership as a domain like being an engineer or a grazier or a first nation's person, or a netball player is living in a domain. A domain requires a specialised language and a specialised practice. As you will already see from your own life's experience, there was a moment when something happened and you transformed from learning about and using the tools of your profession (domain) to that the profession (the domain) began using you. Cil gives you access to this transformation in the domain of leadership.

Many people have an idea that they are not and, even, cannot, be a leader. Your not-a-leader is due to a way you have wound up being, and that is not fixed. Some people are fabulous leaders in their area of life. They often got to be leader in their arena as an accident of how they wound up being that fitted nicely with their professional choices. In Conversations in Leadership, regardless of which of these you are, you will have full access to the leader that you already are, in any circumstances for leadership you could find yourself.

Conversations in Leadership is not about you learning about leadership or strategies that you need to apply to be a leader, although you might see some of these for yourself. It is also, not about being a manager, as important as this is. When you are being a leader, you will bring the leadership necessary to the specific circumstances you find you need to deal with. As a leader, you will know what strategies to apply, including when you don't know what to apply. 

The following 20 statements are here for your reflection on leadership. The statements are not the truth, although they might be. Thinking of examples that fit and don’t fit each statement could be a step in an awareness of your own leadership.

Statements on Leadership
1. Nothing actually happens in this world without leadership;
2. A whole lot gets done with very little leadership;
3. It is necessary to be a good person to be a leader;
4. Leadership and an ethical life have a difficult relationship;
5. Leadership is a function of the mindset of the followers;
6. Leadership can bring harm to others;
7. Only poor leadership will bring harm to others;
8. Leadership is a relationship with others;
9. Same old, same old is a function of poor leadership;
10. Same old, same old, can be rewarding;
11. Good management can only ever give same old, same old;
12. Leadership has been defined as realizing a future that wasn’t already going to happen (Erhard-Jensen Initiative 2018);
13. Leadership fulfills or contributes to the concerns of relevant parties (Erhard-Jensen Initiative 2018);
14. A specific future fulfilling specific concerns is a leadership project;
15. Successful leadership projects require good management;
16. Ethics, morals and virtue sit outside of leadership;
17. Leadership without an aligned philosophy in ethics, morals and virtues, will bring harm to others;
18. Leadership projects cover all ranges of futures from quite immediate futures to very distant futures;
19. Leadership projects cover all human activities from personal relationships and family life to careers to innovative developments, to large initiatives to government and politics to global transformations;
20. Almost everyone can develop leadership.

Conversations in Leadership (CiL) is an online course based on the zoom platform for access to anyone in any part of the planet. It is a 20x 1 hour session course including readings, inquiry, and sharing that can run from 20 to 50 weeks. Reading is sent before each session. You will be asked to design a leadership project to use as your personal leadership laboratory. There is an expectation you will apply at least an hour per session to your project as assignments that are derived from each session