Phoenix Functions draws together a number of threads of Owen's personal and professional development through physiotherapy, dance, and leadership.

After 15 years working honorarily on committees and boards of rural health organisations, Owen concluded that health was a function of a person's participation in a community network, a network of conversations. In 2008, Owen established Phoenix Functions as a vehicle for experimenting with the role of performing arts in facilitating social discourse  in rural community, as pathway to strengthening participation in the conversation of issues, and being fully human

Concurrently, in his physiotherapy practice from the late 1990's, Owen was trialing various approaches in the self management of musculoskeletal dysfunction rehabilitation and creative design in movement, balance, and strength retraining especially for the older person.
Owen's introduction to contemporary dance in 2011 was an 'Aha!' moment, a confluence for the creative movement and exercise work, and the experiment in social discourse.

Since 2011, Owen has also been applying himself to the ontological approach to growth, development, leadership and wisdom through Landmark Worldwide and the Erhard-Jensen Initiative and various other sources.