Owen Allen &
Phoenix Functions


Towards a world in which everyone and the ecosystems work and flourish. In the aspiration for a better world, leadership lives in appearing from the social fabric of the world, to invite others to creating a new world.
This is no more necessary time as now to have communities, across the planet, working resiliently with the disruptions that are besetting the human planetary society because of climate change. 
Our network of conversations is the most important factor in our wellbeing. Community doesn't just happen. It requires leadership. Community leaders abound in all sorts of communities. They create the communities through insight, invite, and support. For many of us community might seem like a struggle. It takes some transformation of ourselves as leaders to meet community with ease.


My name is Owen Allen. Phoenix Functions is my legacy to the world. Under the banner of renewal and transformation (Phoenix) and having things work (Functions), I invite you to come and collaborate with me (and everyone else in my networks) through the  innovations I have designed or am collaborating in physiotherapy, dance, leadership, climate change, and refugee community sustainability. 


I grew up on a farm in Far North Queensland. I still live in the area. At an early age, I developed a dogged belief in an unrestrained inquiry of the world. My formative and transformative experiences in life have included: a natural attraction to the impossible as a child through the bible, fantasy, and science; playing and working on the family farm and surrounding natural environments; negotiating abusive adults; studying and practicing physiotherapy; finding a spiritual home in the Baha'i Faith; treking among mountain villages of Papua New Guinea; raising three sons; sitting honorarily on boards of national rural health organisations in Australia; engaging in a dance practice as a mature dancer; working to restore atmospheric CO2 to pre-industrial levels; and creating resilience and sustainable development among African refugees in Uganda.    


I have been practicing physiotherapy since 1981 and gotten to see a few things about the the nature of the human form and its movement. I have taken on some study in embodied cognition and am a great believer in the role of experiential education and discovering for one's self.
In 2011, I was drawn to dance, contemporary forms, and, in particular artistic and experimental work. I have since facilitated community classes with adults of various capabilities including performances with rural men and women from which I have now designed a facilitator training program, rEvolve.
In 2019, I took the rEvolve method of inclusive community dance training and performative design on tour through the USA and to the International Scientific Conference on Movement and Cognition in TelAviv, Israel. A physiotherapy educator in attendance at my workshop confirmed that "This is world best. You've got to get it out there." "I so enjoyed your workshop and think that your work is incredibly important. I loved that it was accessible to people of all levels of
ability and completely non-judgemental. The way that you work frees the participant from worries about being "good enough" -- just being who they are is all they need to be" Joanne Elphinstone 
I am proud to have been associated, since 2013, with the DANscienCE and BOLD Festival / Conferences, as a videographer and practitioner.


From 1994 - 2009, I sat on committees and boards of national rural health organisations to advance the health of rural residents in Australia, namely Australian Physiotherapy Rural Issues Committee; Service for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH); Qld Health Minister's rural Advisory Committee; and the National Rural Health Alliance. 
Through these services, I came to realise that health is a function of community and community is a function of the leadership it is founded upon. From the leadership in community, the social networks (formal and informal) and capacity building is realised. When those community networks are engaging and challenging to their members, then the health of the members of the network improve. To the extent the network or the networks as a whole are disruptive or exclusive, the health of the people is poor.  

 I completed a postgraduate diploma of rural and remote health through James Cook University in 1998. The innovations in practice I determined during and since that time are having their fulfilment in Owen's Online Physiotherapy Service (OOPS) that is accessible through this website. 


I am a member of the Baha'i Faith whose raisond'etre is the transformation of human civilisation towards a flourishing 'golden age' whose signal context is 'unity in diversity'.

I have completed a number of transformative education courses offered by Landmark Worldwide including their Wisdom Course which alumni hold an annual Conference for Global Transformation, I attend and have contributed.
I completed the Being a Leader Course of the Erhard-Jensen Initiative in Cancun, Mexico, October 2018, and continue weekly immersions with other graduates in that ontological / phenomenological method of leadership. This routine refreshment of the concepts and practices of the course continues to improve my leadership capacity as my natural self-expression.    

In 2020, I began learning about climate restoration and volunteering with the Foundation for Climate Restoration F4CR.

Through F4CR I was introduced to Marius Zignari, an agronomist refugee in Uganda. My conversations with Marius since September 2021 have lead to the expansion of regenerative agriculture work among refugee farmers of Nakivale Refugee Villages (about 120,000 people), and creating an training initiative for people with disabilities and others in literacy and other marketable skills.

My legacy projects are now found in:
1. working through my own innovative method for inclusive community dance performance. See here for Beautiful Chaos, in Cairns, NQ, Australia;
2. Designing and resourcing Owen's Online Physiotherapy Service OOPS for cost effective self-management and online consultation for low socio-economic peoples around the world ;
3. Leadership conversations for a flourishing global society and ecology through the Foundation for Climate Restoration and;
4. Collaborating on sustainable farming and community capacity building with the UMOJA Community Foundation, Nakivale, Uganda and;
5. Facilitating Conversations in Leadership for anyone who would like to upgrade their capacity as leader.