Owen Allen &
Phoenix Functions


was born in Atherton, North Queensland, Australia. He still lives there. He grew up on a farm near a small town of Tolga, where he developed a dogged belief in an unrestrained inquiry of the world.


draws together a number of threads of Owen Allen's personal and professional development through innovations in physiotherapy, dance, and leadership


Owen's formative and transformative experiences in life have included: a natural attraction to the impossible as a child through the bible, fantasy, and science; as a child and youth negotiating abusive adults; as a servant studying and practicing physiotherapy; as a seeker finding a spiritual home in the Baha'i Faith; as a young adventurer treking among mountain villages of Papua New Guinea; as a husband and father, raising three sons; as a leader sitting honorarily on boards of national rural health organisations in Australia. As a mature adult, his legacy projects are found in: creating an innovative method in optimising physicality, dance and embodied cognition; and designing conversations in leadership for a global community. He is now routinely travelling in Australia and the USA, building a network of contributors, dancers, theatre-makers, environmentalists, and peacemakers.


Owen has been practicing physiotherapy snce 1981. He's gotten to see a few things about the the nature of the human form and its movement.
In 2011, Owen was drawn to dance, contemporary forms, and, in particular artistic and experimental work. He has since facilitated community classes with adults of various capabilities including performances with rural men and women from which he has now designed a facilitator training program, rEvolve


Our network of conversations is the most important factor in our wellbeing. Community doesn't just happen. It requires leadership. Community leaders abound in all sorts of communities. They create the communities through insight, invite, and support. For many of us community might seem like a struggle. It takes some transformation of ourselves as leaders to meet community with ease.
From 1994 - 2009 Owen sat on committees and boards or national rural health organisations to advance the health of rural residents in Australia. He completed a postgraduate diploma of rural and remote health through James Cook University in 1998. More recently, he completed the Being a Leader Course of the Erhard-Jensen Initiative in Cancun, Mexico, October 2018, in order to advance his contribution to the world through his innovative incusive dance program and also in creating access to leadership training and; providing physiotherapy and therapeutic movement training, to folk from any corner of the planet.


As part of his vision to bring dance and eadership to the world, Owen documents his experiences on a variety of online sites, especially youtube (video), and Flickr (photography). You will find links to these through the relevant pages on this website.