Phoenix Functions


owen Phoenix Functions was established by Owen Allen in 2008, in Atherton, Qld, Australia, to explore transformative conversations in the community through performing arts.

Owen sees transformation as the process of showing something of our inner personal or cultural life in a way that we haven't seen before - APPEARING - so that some things might occur as can be left in the past - DISAPPEARING - so that a clearing opens up into which authentic motion and novel idea shows up in an embodied state.

Owen''s work incorporates over 36 years of experience in physiotherapy; rural health organisation and activism; communication; somatic training; community theatre; children festivals; creative collaboration; social games; youth leadership training; and contemporary dance, with children, youth and adults of all ages, abilities or disabilities.

In 2015, Owen decided to focus on dance for the transformative conditions that dance can create by its work with the body and in teams in a social environment.

Owen's experience includes facilitating dance class with mature movers as old as 83, with parkinson's disease, severe arthritis, blindness, mental health disorders, and strokes in the same class as able-bodied younger and middle aged adults.

Owen spent 2016 and 2017 modelling and designing the rEvolve (community dance facilitator) training courses. He is offering the inaugural facilitator training in September 2018.

rEvolve dance facilitators can provide anyone, of any ability, over the age of 15 years, access to dance work and collaborative performance design. rEvolve groups will learn how to design performances that speak with their local communities from their life experiences and aspirations. rEvolve also offers the community group or activist organisation creative tools that embody their aspirations. rEvolve envisages and will support an Australia wide network of lifelong embodied learners and community dance creatives.

The Work

The rEvolve work is characterised by:

  • Whatever physicality the dancer brings;
  • Wonder, imagination and creativity;
  • Play;
  • Inclusivity (people of all capabilities and ages over 15years);
  • Empathy and presence;
  • Collaboration; and
  • Performance

Contact me: owen@phoenixfunctions.com.au