Phoenix Functions


Owen is a movement expert. His work incorporates over 30 years of experience in physiotherapy; rural health organisation and activism; communication; somatic training; community theatre; children festivals; creative collaboration; social games; youth leadership training; and contemporary dance, with children, youth and adults of all ages, abilities or disabilities.

Phoenix Functions was established by Owen Allen in 2008, in Atherton, Qld, Australia, to explore transformative conversations in the community through creativity. This work has dovetailed with his professional work as a physiotherapist through movement arts and contemporary dance. Dance theatre creates special conditions for transformation through its work with the body and creative teams in a social environment.

Owen has drawn on all of his experience to create a program called rEvolve. rEvolve is a leadership training program based in inclusive collaborative dance theatre. It offers the tools for dance facilitators to provide anyone, over the age of 15 years, access to dance work and performance design. In particular, rEvolve groups will learn how to design performances that speak with their local communities from their life experiences and aspirations. rEvolve also offers the community group or activist organisation creative tools that embody their aspirations. Although in it's early stages of development, rEvolve envisages and supports an Australia wide network of community dancer creatives. In that, rEvolve offers a network of lifelong embodied learners.


Change is inevitable. Transformation is power in change. Not just trying to make it better or fix it, but creating something completely new that works powerfully among the changing circumstances.

Transformation can be thought of as that something that exists, disappears, and something new, appears. Transformation appears in the embodiment of that new thing. Embodiment means that the nature of the new thing is expressed fully and obviously in the structure, postures, motion, and affect of a person and an organisation. See Philosophy

The work of Phoenix Functions and the rEvolve program is to assist trainees to look at what actually exists, imagine what could exist, and embody that imagined future that it can emerge in reality.

Through rEvolve your transformative processes will lead to you making a significant contribution to the transformation of your community.

The Work

Phoenix Function events are characterised by:

  • Wonder, imagination and creativity;
  • Play;
  • Inclusivity (people of all capabilities and ages over 15years);
  • Empathic training or interactions;
  • Collaboration;
  • Performance

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