Before all else, wonder is at the heart of human development and transformation.

Before wonder is observation and awareness. Wonder is in that moment of being present in observation that a great space is cleared around the observer and the object. And then an amazement for the object rises up in the observer. And the great questions, "What?", "How?", "When?", and "Where", soon follow

Wonder exists for both the external world and our internal world. Phoenix Functions are influenced by the children of Wonder:

  • Philosophy;
  • Science;
  • Experience;
  • Education;
  • Spirituality;
  • Conversation;
  • Action

    Phoenix Functions considers the sciences of:

  • Human Development
  • The Human Brain and Nervous System;
  • Human Movement and Physiology;
  • Cognition and Language
  • Emotions and Resilience
  • Learning;
  • Community Development; and
  • Resources and Energy

    Tacit learning

    implicit vs explicit learning


    What can we do?


    A Contribution or Service Framework for education

    The Abstract, Metaphor, Imagination

    The Tangible


    Metaphysical Framework: What are we: The soul as the real thing: The world and human as reflection

    Relationship between metaphysics and Behaviour

    The Practical Spirit


    Identity and Conversation: We are our conversations

    Achievement and conversation: We are our language and our conversations

    Love and Listening

    Empowerment in conversation


    We are Action

    Action and Learning

    Action and Achievement