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The Coach


Owen is a physiotherapist and dance / physical theatre maker. Working for 30 years in the various fields of impairment and disability, Owen found himself looking for creative modes for movement training, especially for the older person. Also completing 15 years on committees of the rural health movement in Australia, Owen concluded that the primary work towards a healthy society required creating a vehicle that would enhance the conversation in community around critical issues and simultaneously encourage participation. In 2011, Owen participated in his first dance project and, not only found a vehicle for those two problems he was trying to solve, but a deep passion for the embodied art that is dance.

Since 2011, Owen has been experimenting with a variety of forms of dance and physical theatre training workshop methods; supported DANscienCE , the BOLD Festival (Canberra, Aust), Art as Action (Denver Co) , and the use of dance and theatre in a Florida Climate Change Project (USA) . He has also been training under Laura Bond in the Alba Emot (Emotional Body) techniques. Since 2016, he has created small community productions: The Forging of Men (with 6 rural men); A performance for the 14th National Rural Health Conference with Biddigal Dancers and ARC Drummers. His local dance team on the Atherton Tableland is called Beautiful Chaos. He has designed the rEvolve program for the training of facilitators in inclusive collaborative community dance theatre with a vision to create access for all communities to dance theatre and performance.