rEvolve Facilitator's Course

For people who would like to facilitate their own community group. Some embodied practice and language would be valuable eg dancers, theatre makers and actors, yoga practitioners, Feldenkrais practitioners, physiotherapists.

There are currently no courses scheduled for 2020

The format of a usual facilitator's course:

Day 1
Registration & meeting each other
Discussion of rEvolve Philosophy
Embodied Practice: Elements of a Movement Language

Day 2
Collaborative Practice: Building a Performance Theme
Embodied Practice: The Emotional Body

Day 3
Collaborative and Embodied Practice: Conceptual Structures for a Performance

Day 4
Take a day off to enjoy nature and visiting.

Day 5
Collaborative and Embodied Practice: Performance Design -
Bringing the elements together.

Day 6
Collaborative and Embodied Practice: Performance Design Completed

Finalise Production
Dress Rehearsal