Reify: To consider or make an idea or concept real or concrete

Owen brings many years of experience in planning, organising and creativity, to any small to medium sized vision that is in need of bringing into reality.

Illuminating the Earth Charter, Florida, USA

Most recently, Owen has assisted Sue Blyth in progressing a vision for Illuminating the EarthCharter through the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice. Meetings with school, religion, theatre, and science networks, and an EarthCharter Game Workshop around the development of a children's game on sustainability has lead to creating access to a variety of contributors to the promotion of the Earth Charter

A Life at the Cutting Ege

Owen's 34 years career in physiotherapy includes:

  • Working across all fields of physiotherapy and with many varieties of disabled peoples. He currently provides service from a private clinic in Atherton, Qld, Australia.
  • A published paper, "Anthill and Other injuries" (AJRH,1994) which contributed to a review of Australian rural health "Health Service Frameworks for Small Rural and Remote Communities" (1996);
  • 15 years working on various comittees and boards involved in the advancement of rural health services in Australia. Work with these organisations included strategic planning and meeting with members of parliament and government including Commonwealth health ministers.
  • Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (founding member 1995, national conference convenor 2001, secretary 2001-2003, President 2003-2005);
  • Council of the National Rural Health Alliance (2003-2009) including conference convenor 2009.
  • Completing a post graduate diploma in Rural and Remote health (JCU 1998)
  • Owen also has many years on local planning committees of the Baha'i Faith. He facilitated a local youth Baha'i education program and assisted the development of an annual regional Baha'i youth leadership camp, Agents of Change, 2001- 2007 with Dr Farvadin Daliri OAM

    Over the past decade, Owen has been involved in organising community arts events including:

  • Street educational events;
  • Children's festivals for the Tableland Folk Festival (2010-2015) and the Cairns Festival (2012-2014);
  • Conflict resolution through theatre workshop (Out of the Box Theatre)
  • Owen has merged his physiotherapy work with the arts through:

  • The development of Big Board Games (human sized) with the University of the Third Age, and for the Cairns Tanks Children Festival; (2014)
  • Training in contemporary dance and contemporary dance facilitation through a range of dancer mentors and coaches. He has facilitated contemporary dance based classes for adults of all ages and abilities over 2012-2015. His work has lead to the development of rEvolve.
  • Owen has also completed training with Landmark Worldwide including the "Wisdom Course" and attendance at the Global Transformations Conference. This training is particularly aimed at bringing idea to reality and mastery.


    The Program

    Individuals, groups, teams, and small organisations who feel stuck at some point of developing a vision, including organisations whose primary purpose is agonistic to other groups ie activist groups, will find working with Owen does REIFY their contribution in the world.

    REIFY is a two part program: Face to face workshop and assistance with networking meetings; and online support. After initial contact by email, an online (skype) conversation will establish whether Owen is the right catalyst for your project. Once an agreement is established, the work will continue online in preparation for the face to face work. After the face to face work, the work will continue online at a level subsequently agreed upon. See costs below


    In agreement with the group or organisation, Owen will maintain an association with the organisation over the long term, either as an associate member of the network and/ or through ongoing support and training eg returning annually to facilitate further development workshop, and envigorate the team..

    Support and Development

    Occurs through online conversation as agreed between you and Owen.


    Face to Face

    Workshop and meetings as agreed in discussion:

  • Return travel from Cairns, Australia
  • Accommodation: private room (could be billet)
  • Fee: $500 per day (inc gst)
  • Online conversations and other work

    ($50 per hour)

  • Fortnightly or monthly online meeting and support;
  • research, planning, writing, etc<./li>

    Networking Association

    No Charge

    Where the fit is right, Owen may offer to become an associate member of the group or organisation, and contribute through online network conversations without special responsibility.