rEvolve: the transformative act of imagination, unconcealing, dimensional rotation, evolution, disappearance, and creativity as dance.

rEvolve is based on Dance as Transformative Practice.

rEvolve is an inclusive collaborative contemporary dance training and theatre program for communities.

While not exclusive, it will be specifically offered to Australian rural community groups in 2016.

Interested rural community dance groups can immediately begin having a conversation with Owen around delivering a training package for their group. Contact

Join rEvolve

Local rEvolve groups can establish themselves in order to access the training and support program. A group of 6 will create the interactive environment for the program. However a larger group may better create sustainability and viability for the group. See 'Costs' below.

Local groups will need to have a facilitator who will be called The Magician. The Magician's purpose is in facilitating the transformative act of rEvolve dance. The Magician will play the role of organising the group, facilitating class, and producing performances. The Magician will be in further distance training with Owen, expected to be weekly. The Magician may receive a small stipend in agreement with the local group for their work. Such stipends will be additional to the costs below.

The rEvolve Package

Introduction Weekend Workshop

An introduction and intense one and half day workshop (weekend) will establish the local magician and rEvolve group in the work

The workshop will demonstrate the pattern of class work, including non-dance aspects that are important.

The intensive workshop sessions will demonstrate a few of the many individual class programs

The intensive workshop will culminate in a simple performance by the group.

Owen will return annually to facilitate a weekend workshop, to envigorate groups, and bring new creative and somatic concepts.

Support and Development for rEvolve groups

Support includes weekly online (skype) calls with local Magicians to build facilitation repoitre, troubleshoot idiosyncratic issues, and support group development.

New resources will be developed over time, in collaboration and feddback from local groups.

Local Magicians shall organise their own indemnity insurance, venue, and ensure public liability coverage of venue.


rEvolve is an inclusive program. rEvolve classes will be open to all ages over 11 years, and all abilities or disabilities. The basic prerequisite is that a dancer is able to follow the concepts and guidance of the Magician, and engage with other dancers, even if with the support of a carer.

Owen has 30 years of physiotherapy experience with disabled people, and has facilitated dance class with dancers as old as 83, with parkinson's disease, severe arthritis, blindness, mental health disorders, strokes, in the same class as able-bodied younger and middle aged adults.

rEvolve classes are based on the premise that everyone who turns up is a dancer, and every dancer brings to the floor whatever they can. It is expected that some dancers will have prior training in dance, theatre or other forms of movement training; that some dancers will be beginners; and some dancers may have significant disability and handicap. The facilitation model challenges the physical and creative teamworking capacity of all dancers.

rEvolve dancers are encourage to create performances as a contribution to their community. The introductory weekend workshop will show how a simple performance can come together. Performances can develop according to the capacity development of the dancers. A rEvolve program might see a new performance created every few months. These will usually start as short performances to share with friends and family, that can be performed in reiteration as street theatre. Groups may develop the skills and resources for a full theatre production (one hour duration). In all cases, Owen's weekly briefings will help guide the group to a complete performance.


Costs will be relevant for 2016 and 2017 and will be subject to an increase, in line with CPI, thereafter.

Introduction Workshop

One and half day: Friday night, Saturday, Sunday morning:

  • Travel from Cairns
  • Accommodation: private room (could be billet)
  • Fee: $1100 (inc gst)
  • Ongoing support of rEvolve groups

    Weekly Support (calculated as 40 weeks per year): $400

    Local groups can define a fee to cover all local costs including a fee for the Dance Magician. Dance Magician fee recommended at least $25 per hour.


    Total Annual Cost for Owen to activate or envigorate a group through a training weekend, and ongoing support: $1500 plus travel and accommodation for the training workshop.