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rEvolve: turning, transforming, evolving as an act of unconcealing, imagination, creativity, and disappearance, as dance.

rEvolve is an inclusive collaborative contemporary dance theatre program for communities.

In 2018, the inaugural rEvolve training for facilitators of community group will be held in September.

Join rEvolve

Practitioners who would like to establish a local rEvolve group can access the training and support program in Atherton, Queensland, Australia

The facilitator's purpose is in attending to the three aspects of the rEvolve process: bring the collaborative group together, facilitate class, and produce performances.

As part of the rEvolve program, facilitators form a network whose collaboration with each other and Owen will maintain a continuing professional development. Owen will maintain a minimum of 30 annual briefings for facilitators.

rEvolve Dancers

rEvolve is an inclusive program. rEvolve classes will be open to all ages over 15 years, and all abilities or disabilities. The basic prerequisite is that a dancer is able to engage with other dancers, even if with the support of a carer.

rEvolve classes are based on the premise that everyone who turns up is a dancer, and every dancer brings to the floor whatever they can. It is expected that some dancers will have prior training in dance, theatre or other forms of movement training; that some dancers will be beginners; and some dancers may have significant disability and handicap. The facilitation model challenges the physical and creative teamworking capacity of all dancers.


Performance is a mainstay of the transformative experience of rEvolve. rEvolve dancers are encourage to create performances as a contribution to their community. The foundation training of facilitators is in bringing a simple performance together. The training itself culminates in a public performance. Performances develop according to the capacity development of the dancers. A rEvolve program might see a new performance created every few months or once or twice per year. These will usually start as short performances to share with friends and family, that can be performed in reiteration as street theatre. Groups can quite quickly gain the skills, resources, experience and confidence to create productions of half to one hour duration. In all cases, Owen's weekly briefings will help support the group to a complete performance.

Course Schedule and Fees

The inaugural rEvolve training program will take place in Yungaburra, Atherton Tablelands, Queensland, Australia, 30th September - 6th October 2018

The week long course from Sunday to Sunday will include a free day to explore the wonderful environment of the Atherton Tablelands. It will culminate in a public performance, followed by a completion conversation

Fees for the 2018 course will be $660 (including GST)

Course participants will organise their own accommodation. An accommodation directory will be provided shortly.