The Weird Man is a weekly conversation about the transformation of the world. More than a conversation, The Weird man offers you an effortless journey to making the most of your potential in contribution to humanity.
Owen is going to talk about anything and everything to do with the transformation of our own way of being, our communities, our nations, and the whole global civilisation.
The conveersation will get into philosophy, religion, science, education, men & women, justice, economics.
Well I've got a few ideas about that, some lived experience. However, it wouldn't be a conversation without your involvement. What is important to you that you would like to see change or transform about life?
Coming soon, in 2019, The Weird Man is a few minutes vlog on Youtube with the transcript as a blog. You are invited to send Owen a message through the contact form so that you can receive an email on the launch of The Weird Man. From there, you will be able to follow the conversation from week to week, subscribe, and make your own responses to the issues raised. Owen will read them all and they will guide the conversation.