THE WORLD IS DANCING is a movement about movement, a future in which the presence of a human body is a perfect and sophisticated vehicle of language, conversation, communication and story.

The human world of the future has 11 billion people and yet it is quieter than today's world of 6 billion. There are no troops marching in serried lines, no bustle of crowds jostling in the same rapid cadence. There is speed. Large enthusiastic motions exclaim above sedate micromovements and stillnesses, and modest easy movements of neutrality going somewhere without inviting response. Dance circles enjoy spaces for responding to the latest performances offered by storytellers. Flyers build fantastical structures that evoke and provoke the people into play and dance for the appearance of the hidden perturbation of social life. Climbers fall from the canopy of giant trees. The grunt of effort provides a baseline to trills of laughter, cries of anger, howls of frustration, ululations of grief, and moans of ecstacy.

The 22nd century is the era of the fully aware, embodied human. Life is spoken through every motion as well as every voice. Authenticity is the simple coin while significance has the range of the seventy stringed santor.

It began with the mass movement of experiment in the vast potential for human motion in dance. The holy grail was the development of a standard eme (moveme) and syntax that had an ordinary function for daily conversation, and complex and sophisticated potentials for exquisite storytelling and supporting phenomenological inquiries.

The World is Dancing is the space for everyone to participate in the great experiment towards a complete language of the body. If you are interested in the facilitation of community dance, inclusive dance, and experimentation with the movement as language, please message Owen through the contact page.

Documentation of example of the great world community of dance can be found on the youtube links below.